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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Investigatory project: Alkyd Resin production from crude oil

Polymerization is one of the most important industrial processes. Resins and emulsion are two main classes of polymer. Alkyd resins are by far the most important class of coating resins. It is estimated that alkyd resins contribute about 70% to the conventional binders used in surface coating today. The popularity of alky resins as vehicle for coatings is largely due to their unique properties such as film hardness, durability gloss and gloss retention, resistance to abrasion, etc. impacted on them through modification with drying oil.

The experimental detail and setup of this investigatory project  is discussed below

Experimental steps

1. Neutralization of Crude Castor Oil
2. Bleaching of Neutralized Oil
3. Dehydration of Castor Oil
 Investigatory project: Alkyd Resin production from crude oil
                                              Experimental setup of dehydration of castor oil

4. Preparation of Alkyd Resin
  4.1 alcoholysis
  4.2 esterification
                                             Alkyd resin preparation equipment setup

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